Elder Scrolls - The Cosmic Threat

Enough bloody chit chat

Llyjek had had enough. Talk was getting them nowhere and this bastard dragon was getting on his nerves. Words achieved nothing and this only served to prove it. Everyone was made of wind and noise no drive no passion no chance.

The fat useless mage in the college of Winterhold seriously believed that stopping the mass extinction of all life on earth would have to wait while someone retrieved an old helmet from a vault. Let’s face it the bloody thing wasn’t going anywhere soon but no we just had to go trudging through the tundra and swimming through an ice cold very deep sea for this monumental ball bag.

Oh yes I will of course help you but first you must go and get attacked by drugar in the bottom of an underwater ancient graveyard. Bloody Nords who built these things here it’s ridiculous. That bloody dragon. Oh yes, I’ll give you what you want but you’ll have to get me what I want and to get that you’ll have to get someone else something else JUST SHUT UP!!! Enough of this bullshit enough waiting we’re damn well taking that helm and if that damn mage has anything to say other than “I’m on my way” his going to get his legs broke. Now to handle this flying rat.


ConnorRoddie John_Baggins

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