An imperial Cavalier with a bad reputation


Behold an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell followed with him.

Long arm’s real name has since been long forgotten to anybody but himself and that is the way he likes it. His reputation is one of brutality and cruelty but nothing could ever be proven against him so he is free to travel where he see fit but those who recognize him and know the stories about him give a wide berth.

As it is told he was raised amongst bandits and marauders. He was trained for horseback combat and archery; both of which he became deeply skilled in. Some even say he was born in the saddle so natural are his talents. The bandits carried out many a raiding mission on small settlements and towns along the border between Skyrim and Cyrodil.

There were normally few people harmed but on one raid things went array. A small farm hamlet was the target. A straight forward assault, threaten the farmers then leave with the goods. Something went wrong through and the farm was razed to the ground with no survivors.

Long-Arm’s individual history began here. He left the bandits and went on his own way taking what work he could, taking what he needed when work could not be found; always moving on before his history caught up with him and people inevitable turned against him. His only companion on his travels was his ashen horse, Attila.


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