Brother Dreadwolf

A Dunmer Monk with a mysterious past...


Brother Dreadwolf does not speak of his life before the monastery. In joining the order he cast away his past life and name, and nothing good can come from revisiting it – so his brothers have told him over and over again.

He was a very troubled soul when he arrived, and had the monastery not been situated in the middle of the Ashlands he would likely have tried to leave.
But it was, and so he did not.

Instead he remained – he gave up his old identity and became Brother Dreadwolf: For they were all brothers and sisters in the monastery.

In time, Brother Dreadwolf began to find a semblance of inner peace. The mantras, meditations, and arts of the brotherhood calmed his anger and stilled his hunger.

As time went on, he began to feel something resembling hope – maybe the brothers were right, maybe he could start a new life, and leave his old one behind forever. Maybe he could live out his life in peace.

How foolish.

You cannot escape your past any more than you can your fate, and the fire that burned within Brother Dreadwolf’s soul could be subdued but never extinguished.

Recently, Brother Dreadwolf has begun to feel uneasy and restless.
The hunger is returning to Brother Dreadwolf; In truth, it never really left. It was always there, under
the surface, and it will not be denied forever.


Brother Dreadwolf

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